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Graviera of Cretan Island

Origin: GREECE

It is a hard cheese. Has natural skin. The mass is very light yellow colour and plain of small round holes, the size of lentils.
It is made in shaped pieces weighing from 6 to 25 kilos.
It is made of sheep's milk or goat's milk and is unpasteurised.
Its analisis is
Moisture 38%,
Fats 40% on dry matter
Salt 1.5%
It matures in 3 months, It has produced exclussively in Creta island. The best quality is produced in mountainous places from spring milks. The milk which been used is from sheep's and goat's . The best quality is the milk that comes from sheeps.
It is DOC cheese since 1996 and its manufacture has been safeguarded since 1988.

Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)