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Graviera of Naxos island

Origin: GREECE

Is a hard cheese of golden yellow colour having a solid mass with small holes scatered on it. It is made in pieces, the shape of a head, weighing at least 10 kilos and it has an outer natural skin. Pasteurized cow's or rarely a mixture of cow's with a small proportion of sheep's milk is used.
Its chemical analysis is as follows :
moisture of 38%,
fats in dry matter of 40%,
salt of 1.2-3%.
Obviously it is made exclusively in the Cycladic island of Naxos, one of the biggest isles in the Aegean Sea with a great variety of landscape and moderately high mountains. Its vegetation varies according to season. It is made of cow's milk and its characteristic is that is coagulates with a mixture of different cultures of proprionic bacteria.
It is a DOC cheese since 1996 and its manufacture has been safeguarded since 1988.

Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)