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Origin: GREECE

It is a hard cheese, of a white, sugar - like colour, having small holes scattered on it, being quite salted and having a solid mass. When 5-6 months have passed and it is still fresh, it is quite soft, getting harder as time passes. It is made of pasteurized sheep's milk or a mixture of it with a minimum of goat's milk. Its manufacture is permitted in the areas of Western Macedonia, Heperos or the vicinity of Aetoloacarnania. Its chemical analysis is :
moisture of 35%,
fats of 31%,
proteins of 26%
and salt of 3-4%.
Kefalograviera is a traditional cheese. The technology has been perfected in Epiros and standardized in 1967 by the cheese - maker Alexis Pappas in Dodoni.

Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)